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If you want to know better than all, teach it

If you want to know better than all, teach it

How do you feel when you run into commonplace quotes on social media? For example, let's take a look at the last few tweets of a cocky guy whose name I do not want to speak:

Never make a plan which depends on someone else's promise.
Don't chase happiness. Become antifragile, and happiness will come in all the ways you would never expect.
There is a fine line between having fun and wasting your time.

Big talk, bossy rants.

Though he struggles with himself

People, including myself through the articles on this site, who try to teach and advise you without expecting anything in return, are actually trying to do only one thing: To improve themselves on that subject.

Whatever the matter, the person who knows it best is the one who can teach it in the simplest way even to someone who has no knowledge.

"Teaching" has two invaluable benefits:

  1. The more you teach, the more you gain a deeper understanding of that subject.
  2. The more you advise, the less likely you are to act against your advice.

The theoretical information floating in your mind is ready to be forgotten at any moment, because your brain has more important tasks to spare. When you put this knowledge into practice, the real learning begins. But when you try to teach others, especially the younger ones, and you succeed... that's when you specialize in that subject.

Remember the period when you were preparing for the college entrance exams. First you (probably didn't) listen to your teacher, then you read about the subject from the book, maybe you got help from your mates. You got an idea. Then you solved the questions and tests. You went over your mistakes with your teacher. Now you're starting to get the point. But some of you have taken things farther to teach other friends, or became tutors. Here, they were the ones who had the perfect score on that subject in the exam.

On the other hand, one of the common values/feelings that we all carry (except politicians) is 'pride'. We are uncomfortable with behaving in contradiction with the words that come out of our mouths. That's why 'gurus' like Tim Ferriss, Ryan Holiday and Tony Robbins give daily advice on their social media accounts, regularly write books and share their wisdom. Of course, they also make money out of this, but believe me, what they are actually doing is ingraining the content of their advice into their own selves.

Do not hesitate to take the stand

You may not be living a life that is 100% in line with your posts, or the lessons you teach may not be 100% correct – don't pursue perfection, no one is perfect. If you have mistakes, they will be corrected in the comments. As for your teachings, they are your 'ideal'; they represent the person you are striving to be. When you do something conflicting with them, you will feel restless, your stomach will tighten, you will regret; that is enough.


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