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Write your own code in 3 steps

Write your own code in 3 steps

All resources including those we shared before will basically provide you three types of content: text, video and interactive tools. In the first two, you passively 'eat' what is offered, while only in the third you get into the kitchen and cook your own meal. My experience is that...

You learn 10% by reading, 30% by watching, 60% by doing.

Which method should I follow while learning programming?

Based on this distribution, your path could basically be like this:

  1. Reading a tutorial about a topic.
    • Medium is pretty good at this, but it's usually enough to Google it and take a look at the first few results.
  2. Watching the most optimal 1 or 2 YouTube videos on that subject at least twice, in a focused manner. 'Optimal' means that the video is as up-to-date as possible, and has many likes & comments. Why?
    • Functions that were written years ago are likely to fail today, or they could be obsolete even if they work.
    • High like count usually means that the host explains the content clearly, rather than the brevity or cleanliness of his/her code.
    • Comments may contain corrections to an error in that lesson, or suggest a more ideal solution to a particular block of code. Don't forget to check out the comments under programming videos!
  3. Opening your project and writing your own code.
    • You will need to re-watch the video from time to time, but do this as little as possible and try to understand, absorb, digest every line of code you copy-paste.

Time to hit the pedal

Do you remember how you learned to ride a bike? You probably started your journey on a tiny four-wheeled one with two small additional wheels at the back. You were quite comfortable; you have learned to steer, accelerate and stop, although not to find balance yet. But after a few weeks you felt constrained and decided it was time to remove the additional wheels. In this form, your bike looked intimidating; you hit the pedal with the fear 'what if I fall'. But most likely, you didn't fall. Most likely, keeping up and moving forward has been a lot easier than you expected. And you thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing because you 'made it'.

Writing your first code is a similar experience. The articles you read and the videos you watch will give you the theoretical background. After a few weeks, you will decide that it is time to take the initiative, then you will anxiously open the compiler. Contrary to your fears, however, that first simple function you write will probably give the result/output you expected without any issues, or after debugging 1-2 easy to fix errors. That moment, my friends, just like the first time you stepped on the pedal of your bicycle, you will remember for the rest of your life, and you will keep coding for many years just to feel the same satisfaction over and over again.


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