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Quantity is a beast to tame

Quantity is a beast to tame

Here is the content of one of the messages I receive frequently:

I'm a car enthusiast, and I trust my narrative. I started a channel and shot a lot of videos, but no one watches.

There could be two possible problems here. First, instead of being yourself, you tried to imitate whatever is popular; but people don't want that, they seek genuineness, that's why they don't watch you.

And the second is the topic of this article: You started right but gave up quickly.

We became impatient

The main reason why there are so few leaders and pioneers today is the success of the our society in creating a uniform individual, and the lack of belief in the individuals themselves. We always forget:

If you don't believe in yourself, you can't make anyone else believe in you.

Many young people set out with a certain vision, without any expectations, simply because they desire to do something. At first, they don't care if their parents or friends don't approve of their plans and dreams. They begin toiling and creating, and make a certain progress.

Then, their initial passion gradually fade and give way to expectation; they start to get hung up –let's continue with the YouTube example– on the number of subscribers, likes or views they didn't care about before, and start to despair. They pay more attention to the opinions of others and take their discouraging suggestions seriously. Eventually, they give up and 'align'.

The darkest hour is always before dawn

At some point along the journey, almost all of us trade quality for quantity. At this point, we need to expand the concept of quality a little: Every idea and content that you believe in and wish to implement is quality; and whatever that quality is, there will be others who believe in it sooner or later. All you have to do is keep your head down and do your job until they find you — and believe in you.

Yes, YouTube pays you per view. But those who earn that money are original content creators who love what they do; not following existing templates or impersonating other YouTubers.

Take quantity as a means, not a goal.

Check out who's watched your videos (or whatever your creations are) and how much they liked it, but don't let these numbers keep you off your track. If you're under-watched but well-liked, you're probably on the right track – don't rush the process.


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